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Northern Nevada Response offers highly customizable services. We can tailor any plan to meet your needs — just ask!

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Static Security

What are static security services?

Considered to be the "traditional" model for private security, security officers are assigned (on a per-hour basis) to your residential or commercial property. They remain onsite for a fixed duration, on a schedule you choose, either guarding a specific posted location or actively responding to issues.

Who are static services for?

Anyone that needs a fixed security presence. This approach is best for clients that anticipate a regular need for security, including short-term or temporary needs, such as for construction sites, private functions, tradeshows and more.

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Mobile Patrols

What are mobile patrol services?

Where fixed, hourly-billed security may not be necessary or fiscally practical, Northern Nevada Response offers mobile patrol services.

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Protection Details

Bodyguard protection service in Nevada
An executive protection detail can get you and your valuable assets to their destinations safely.

What is a protection detail?

Generally referred to as "executive protection," protection details are a form of private security in which all resources are dedicated to defending a single, usually mobile objective.

Who are protection details for?

Anyone that has a heightened need for focused protection.

Although the objectives never change, what or who is being protected can vary widely. It could be anything from transporting millions in precious metals to simply ensuring a child gets to and from school safely. In general, if something or someone is worth protecting, putting a protection detail in place shouldn't be totally out of the question.

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Response Levels

Security guard equipment in Reno, NV
A properly-equipped security officer can make all the difference.

What Response Levels are best for me?

Determining the proper number of personnel and their respective Response Levels requires a careful evaluation of your unique situation and environment.

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Professional Training

Firearms and gun safety training for security in Reno
Ongoing security training is critical to ensure perishable skills remain sharp.

What kind of training do NNR security officers receive?

Our Head of Training oversees all training.

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Covert vs. Overt

Executive protection and bodyguards in Nevada
Covert security can protect without drawing unwanted attention.

Which option is best for me?

Similar to Response Levels, the decision to have security working overtly or covertly (or a mixture of the two) can only be made based on an evaluation of your specific needs.

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Patrol Infrastructure

What kind of patrol infrastructure does NNR have?

Northern Nevada Response uses Ford Police Interceptors, selected for their ability to endure rigorous patrol duties and the authoritative presence they provide for our clients.

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